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This project has closed in spring 2003. All project papers are still available here.

Visit also the online-journal German Policy Studies and have a look at "German Higher Education Reform from a Comparative Perspective".



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Gender equality is one of the main challenges facing European societies in the 21st century. The professional success of women, and especially of women in academia, remains one of the main fields of social inequality in all the countries of the EU. The normative concept of gender equity which exists in the European societies is contrasted by a harsh reality in which women in top-level positions are by no means a common occurrence but rather an exception to the largely male rule. At the same time, the reform and future of the European systems of higher education are subject of national debate and high on the European political agenda. Awareness of the internationalisation of European research structures and the need to render European science systems more competitive is increasing.



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Against this background, the European Research Training Network "Women in European Universities", funded by the European Commission, Directorate General Science, Research and development framework of the fifth Framework programme, is a joint research project of partners in seven European countries. The project management is located at Münster University. Its scientific programme aims at assessing the professional status of women in academia and at analysing the reasons for the under-representation in positions of authority in European Universities.

Within the project, a special emphasis is put on the training of doctoral students. The project provides seven young researchers with a wide range of training in academic research design and techniques. The students will gain in-depth knowledge of  quantitative and qualitative research methods in the social sciences. In order to qualify  them for the international labour market, their scientific training will be linked with measures to gain knowledge of European research structures and to provide the possibility of establishing international research contacts.




Available documents of the project




  Annette Zimmer Research and Trainingnetwork - Women in European Universities - Final Report 2000-2003
776 KB .pdf




  Nicky Le Feuvre Women's Access to Professional Occupations
535 KB .pdf
  Rosemary Crompton Beyond the 'male breadwinner' model
430 KB .pdf
  Sabine Kock Gender Equality at European Universities within the Context of University Reform
240 KB .pdf
  Jürgen Enders Down by Law? Employment and Working Conditions of Academic Staff in Europe
340 KB .pdf
  Liisa Husu Gender Equality in Finnish Academia
240 KB .pdf
  Renata Siemienska Women in Academe in Poland: Winners among Losers
470 KB .pdf
  Karen Davies Doing Dominance and doing deference
390 KB .pdf
  Christine Roloff Infrastructure and Framework Conditions
280 KB .pdf
  Peta Tancred The Academic "Revolving Door" Revisited
220 KB .pdf
  Robert Emerson Ethnographic Field Work
510 KB .pdf
  Antoinette Hetzler The Swedish Model and the Role of Gender
490 KB .pdf
  Victoria Wibeck Collecting and Analysing Focus Group Data
400 KB .pdf
  Barbara Bagilhole Ten Years of Studying Gender and Equal Opportunities in UK Universities
250 KB .pdf
  Ralf Bohnsack The Documentary Method
320 KB .pdf
  Ralf Bohnsack Exemplary Interpretation of a Text
390 KB .pdf
  Renata Siemienska Academic Careers in Poland and their Context: An Intergenerational Comparison
1.1 MB .pdf
  Diane Bebbington Women in UK science: The Athena Project
320 KB .pdf
  Jörg Wittenbrinck Which Hammer Breaks the Glass Ceiling?
270 KB .pdf
  Christine Musselin Academic labour markets: how they work
180 KB .pdf
  Louise Morley Women’s Careers in Higher Education: Theorising Gender Inequalities
170 KB .pdf
  Jessica Bösch The Integration of Women in Austria´s Universities
The System of Higher Education in the UK  [ abstract ]
2.4 MB .pdf
  Anett Schenk The System of Higher Education in Sweden  [ abstract ]
1.4 MB .pdf
  Stéphane Portet Higher Education System : Poland's Main Facts  [ abstract ]
650 KB .pdf
  Lisa McGurk The French Higher Education System
480 KB .pdf
  Agnieszka Majcher Women in German Higher Education  [ abstract ]
1.1 MB .pdf
  Christian Poulsen Austria's System of Higher Education  [ abstract ]
992 KB .pdf
  Jessica Bösch Women in Spanish Universities  [ abstract ]
920 KB .pdf
Are Women the Creeping “Proletariats” of British Academia?  [ abstract ]
1.3 MB .pdf
  Anett Schenk Women in Swedish Higher Education  [ abstract ]
1.5 MB .pdf
  Stéphane Portet Women in Polish Academia - A Statistical Overview  [ abstract ]
5.8 MB .pdf
  Agnieszka Majcher Women's inroads into German Academia  [ abstract ]
2.5 MB .pdf
  Christian Poulsen Statistical Profile of Women in the Austrian Higher Education System  [ abstract ]

1.0 MB .pdf

  Jessica Bösch Enough Women in Spanish Academia?
  Emmanuelle Latour Gender Inequilaty in French Academia
2.13 MB .pdf

Susana Vázquez-Cupeiro / Juan Martín Fernández Susana

Vázquez- Cupeiro

Career Trajectories and “Patriachal Support Systems” in Spanish Academia – A Quantitative Approach

A Qualitative Review of the University in Spain – Meritocracy, Endogamy and the Gendered Opportunity Contexts
1.3 MB  .pdf
  Anett Schenk and Holger Krimmer Academic Careers in German Higher Education

0.5 MB .pdf

  Anett Schenk Female Professors in Sweden and Germany

0.2 MB .pdf

  Agnieszka Majcher

Gender and Academic Careers in Cross-national Perspective: Preliminary Results from a WEU Survey in Poland and Germany

Deepest Secret: Talking gender Discrimination
with Polish Professors

0.5 MB .pdf
  Daniel Bjerstedt Women´s catch 22: Reaching the Top in an Academic Career

0.4 MB .pdf


Christian Poulsen

Christian Poulsen / Juan Martín Fernández

Questionnaire on Work Conditions for Full Professors in Europe: The Swedish Case

Professors talk on Prestige: The Case of Sweden and Spain

0.5 MB .pdf

  Emmanuelle Latour / Stéphane Portet

Gender and Career paths in French Universities: an E-mail Survey

Building Networks in French Academia

0.5 MB .pdf

  Beata Zawadzka From social role to self-identity. A Cross-national study on PH.D.- students´ representation of the “Academe” and “Sexual Harassment”
0.3 MB .pdf
  Lydia Buchholz

Professorship and Gender at Austrian Universities – An Analysis of Gender-specific Differences among Female and Male Professors

Work Situation and Career Perspectives of the Junior Faculty in Austria

0.9 MB .pdf

  Tanja Kreetz

Female Researchers in Public Non-University Research Institutions in Germany

Work situations and Career Perspectives of Female Researchers in Austria

1.3 MB .pdf

  Jessica Bösch Is Academia still an attractive Career Opportunity for both Women and Men? The new employment law in Austria from the new generation of Academics´ Perspective

0.4 MB .pdf

  Dagmar Ortner Female Immigrants in Austrian Higher Education

0.4 MB .pdf

  Miranda Leontowitsch / Susana Vázquez-Cupeiro

“Above the Glass Ceiling?” Preliminary Report of Postal Survey of University Professors in the UK

“Merit, Luck, and a good Nanny?” Exploring the Intricacies in the Career Trajectories of Women Academics in Psychology and Engeneering

0.5 MB .pdf


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